Aquablu Custom | 1500 l/h

Article code AB1006001
This system is fully customizable. Especially for larger volume installations in apartment buildings, hotels or light industry, we have designed the Aquablu Custom. This is a high volume multi-unit filtration system.
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Material Stainless Steel
Flow rate 1500 l/h (according to membrane used)
Weight 215kg
Dimensions 1450 x 1450 x 650 (mm)
Power 230 V

As the name already tells, the Aquablu Custom is fully customizable towards the customer's wishes. Thanks to its modular design, the Aquablu Custom can be used to supply large homes, apartment buildings, cruise ships or even a whole village with purified water. The Aquablu custom can also be delivered as a self-sufficient “plug & play” containerized unit, including solar panels, booster pumps and storage tanks. Although using the same advanced membrane technology as the Aquablu One and Pro, the Aquablu Custom is not fitted with a smart control panel. However, the Aquablu Custom system has a built-in monitoring device that checks the water quality, pressure and connected equipment such as filters or storage tanks. The systems will give an alert when corrective action is necessary and will de-activate the system if no action is taken.