Aquablu One

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The Aquablu One model is our most compact, smart controlled “plug & play” purifier. Embedded with the latest monitoring technology, the Aquablu One gives you a direct insight into the quality of your drinking water.
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Aquablu One
Faucet | 3-way Faucet | Round
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Aquablu One
Faucet | 3-way Faucet | Angled
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Material Stainless Steel
Flow rate 100 l/h
Weight 13.2kg
Dimensions 400 x 220 x 100 (mm)
Power 24V

This water purifier is embedded with intelligent Supreme Osmosis™ technology which controls and removes all contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, micro-plastics and lead.

The Aquablu One is a highly effective, yet very compact filter. With a flow rate of 100 liters per hour, a high flow of pure water comes directly from your tap; purification on demand. There’s no need for a storage tank and it easily fits under every kitchen sink. Finally a water purifier that is easy to install, maintain and use.

The Aquablu One Set includes:

  • Aquablu One
  • Pre-filtration 
  • LED faucet
  • Mineral cartridge

Aquablu One can be combined and used in different situations:

1. Whole house solution

The Aquablu One is often combined with our water softeners. When combined with a Soft Shield Elite, the entire house is provided with 1st stage purification and de-scaled water, while the Aquablu One ensures water of ultimate purity directly from the kitchen tap. 

2. When water inlet is supplied through rainwater harvesting or borehole.

If you live in an area where basic water piping infrastructure is lacking, don't worry, our Aquablu purifiers can purify water coming from rainwater and boreholes. In these circumstances, a feed pump needs to be added in order to increase the input pressure to a minimum of 1.5 bar. 

3. Complete sparkling solution

For a total home solution, our Aquablu One can be combined with sparkling and chilled installations. Our systems are perfectly compatible with well-known brands such as the Quooker Cube and Grohe Blue.