Aquablu Pro

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Compact, smart controlled and highly efficient; the Aquablu Pro as the ideal large volume installation.
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Aquablu Pro
Standard LED faucet | Aquablu One
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Aquablu Pro
Three way faucet Round | Aquablu One
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Aquablu Pro
Mineral cartridge | Aquablu Pro
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Aquablu Pro
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Material Stainless Steel
Flow rate 100 - 300 litres/hour
Weight 20 KG
Dimensions 490 x 440 x 130 mm
Power 230V - 110 volt

Our Aquablu Pro is the ideal system for domestic and small office applications. Sharing the same advanced and easy to use technologies as the Aquablu One, the Aquablu Pro is a more extendable system for basement or utility room installation. Thanks to the availability of storage tanks, pressure boosting systems and extended monitoring options, an unheard level of independence and comfort can be provided with multiple water usage points throughout your house, hotel, yacht or expedition vehicle.

The Aquablu Pro can be fitted with three different membranes:

Membrane Flow Rate Efficiency
Ultra Filtration 300 L/H 10% Reject water
Supreme Osmosis  150 L/H 20% Reject water
Reverse Osmosis 150 L/H 30% Reject water


The Aquablu Pro set includes:

  • Aquablu Pro
  • Pre-filtration
    • 9" Filter Housing
    • 9" 5 Micron filter
    • 9" Activated Carbon Filter
    • 9" 20 Micron Filter

Aquablu Pro can be combined and used in different situations:

1. Whole house solution

The Aquablu Pro system is often used as a whole-house solution for households. For households with higher water demands, our Aquablu Pro system can be used in combination with storage- and pumping systems.

2. When water inlet is supplied through rainwater harvesting or borehole

If you live in an area where basic water piping infrastructure is lacking, don't worry, our Aquablu purifiers can purify water coming from rainwater and boreholes. In these circumstances, a booster pump needs to be added in order to increase the input pressure to a minimum of 1.5 bar.

3. Complete vending solution

For a complete vending solution, our Aquablu Pro system can be used in combination with storage- and pumping systems in order to increase the volume of water. In addition, Post-filtration (Uv/Vlotter) can be added to ensure the best quality water coming out of the storage tank. Lastly, a tap/payment system can be integrated, this will be done using one of our trusted Aquablu partners.