Ultra Violet Light

Article code AB1200000
Aquablu UV unit eliminates bacteria and viruses in drinking water. If you use a buffer tank after your purifier, using UV makes sure no bacteria and viruses are present in the water after the tank.
Flow rate   4 l/min 7.5 l/min 45 l/min
UV-C 254 Nm 254 Nm 254 Nm
Connection 1/4" female 1/2" male 3/4" female
Diameter (mm)

255 x 50.8  

370 x 63.5  965 x 63.5

100-230VDC 50-60 Hz 8W

100-230VDC 50-60Hz 21W 100-230VDC 50-60Hz 72W
Power consumption

 8 Watt

 21 Watt  72 Watt
Max operating pressure


 10Bar(145PSI)  10Bar(145PSI)