chilled & Sparkling unit

Article code AB1600001
Our smallest space-saving design water dispenser! Available in two sizes: 15 l/h & 80 l/h
Dimensions cm
Weight Kg

The Aquablu under counter water cooler provides cold, cold sparkling and water at room temperature. Our system is capable of delivering 15 l/h or 80 l/h of cooled water, with a rapid chill time and fully adjustable temperature and carbonation. Made of stainless steel this unit is durable and easy to clean. The perfect combination with an Aquablu purifier!



15l/h: 450 x 300 x 200 (mm)

80 l/h: 318 x 457 x 467(mm)


15 l/u & 80 l/h


Sparkling & Chilled

Temprature of cold water 

5°-12° C