Consumable | Pre-filter | Cartridge Set 9 3/4" | Pro S

Article code AB1202002
The pre-filter cartridges set consist of one 5-micron filter cartridges, one 20-micron filter cartridges and one activated carbon block. Please note this set does not come with housing and contains consumables only. (6 months package)
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Although the filter set-up can vary for each situation, we recommend the following set-up:

The first filter in the triplex filter set is the 20 micron filter. This filter takes out large water pollutants, such as sand, rust and other organics.

The second filter in the triplex filter set is the granular activated carbon filter. This filter removes chlorine and particles such as sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor. 

The third filter in the triplex filter set is the 5 micron filter. We always recommend to use it after the granular activated carbon, because it will pick up any AC particles that slip through the AC cartridge.