Mineral Booster

Article code AB1103001
Alkeline PH correct

Mineral cartridge for higher PH level in your drinking water.
Capacity 9000 litres
Life Time 1 Year
Diameter 7 x 32 cm
Connection 1/4" push in
Max Pressure 6 bar
Max water temprature 40C

Before the water reaches the tap, extra minerals can be added by our Aquablu Mineral Booste.  This stage is called ”the mineralization process” and is a key component in the production of healthy & tasty Alkaline water.

This natural mineralizer adds calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals that are essential for good health. The Aquablu Mineral Cartridge is designed to ensure:

Perfect Pairing:  The mineral cartridge together with Aquablu’s filtration technology, ensures that your water is safe from any contaminants while tasting like a glass filled from a pristine mountain top spring

pH Balance:  The remineralization cartridge ensures your RO water pH level is raised to a Ph level of 8.5 or higher. This helps you achieve drinking water with the ideal pH balance.

Great taste: Alkaline water tastes like spring water: It’s smooth & refreshing taste make it more satisfying than plain water. It enriches flavourful food and it brings a new dimension to your coffee game!