1.1 What does an Aquablu purifier deliver?

All systems are based on Aquablu’s unique filtration technology, delivering on-demand fresh, healthy and most importantly; safe drinking water. Carefully designed and manufactured in Holland, Aquablu uses it’s in-built monitoring technique to guard the quality of the drinking water produced by the system. By taking out contaminants such as, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and micro plastics, we are able to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of our customers.

1.2 To what degree of contaminated water can you purify?

Using our strongest membrane, our systems are able to purify even the most contaminated forms of water. Our unique Reverse Osmosis membrane takes out contaminants as small as 0.0001 micron in size. Even micro-plastics and hormones don’t stand a chance! Although able to threat brackish water up until 1200 PPM, our systems are not able to purify seawater directly.

1.3 My only water source is sea water, can I use your system?

We are able to treat brackish water up to a level of 1200 ppm. This does not include direct seawater purification. If you desire to purify seawater, use a water maker as a pre-filter to our system.


1.4 Does Aquablu remove bacteria (legionella)?

Our two-stage filtration technique is able to remove contaminants up to 0.0001 Micron in size, including bacteria such as legionella (0.2 micron).


1.5 How is Aquablu different from other Reverse Osmosis purifcation providers?
  1. The quality of the produced drinking water is guarded by our unique Quality Control technology, ensuring no water leaves the system when the quality cannot be guaranteed. Our App provides our customers insight into the quality of their drinking water and the technical status of their system.
  2. Aquablu’s special membranes are able to take out all harmful contaminants while optimizing flow and efficiency.
  3. Our systems are designed for places where space is limited, making the Aquablu One the most compact unit in the water industry.
  4. Using our Ph balancing technique, we are able to remineralize water at a steady Ph level of 8.5 or higher.
1.6 Do your systems have many technical breakdowns?

All systems are built from the highest grade steel and all piping has been replaced by our own technical blocks. Thanks to the robustness of the systems, our purifiers are used in even the most demanding locations (expedition vehicles/ marine industry). Whenever a problem should arise, the system will communicate any error both manually and to the App.

1.7 How often do I need to replace my pre-filtration?

The frequency of changing the filter is dependent on the quality of the raw water, which varies in each area. Pre-filters are commonly replaced after 4-6 months. When a filter needs to be replaced, the system will notify the user in advance.


1.8 How often do I need to replace my membrane

Whereas the pre-filtration will last for 4-6 months, the membrane will last from 1 to 3 years. If the membrane needs replacement, the system will notify the user in advance!


1.9 Can customers change the filters themself?

As we have designed a “plug & play” purifier, changing a filter can be done without any difficulty. For those who would like to get some assistance, our dealers are more than happy to help you!


1.10 Can customers keep my own water faucet? Or do they need a separate one?

When customers buy one of our whole-house solutions, they can keep all your current taps! With our Aquablu One unit, however, they can choose to either replace your current tap with one of our three-way taps or install our separate led light-tap.


1.11 Is it possible that bacteria can build up in a system when used infrequently?

Whenever a reverse osmosis system is not cleaned and sanitized regularly, there could be a potential risk of bacterial or mould growth in the holding tank and on the membrane. Our systems, however, protect our users against any of these contaminations by performing an automatic backflush every eight hours. This intelligent action flushes the membrane to keep the filtration process fresh.


1.12 Can customers use the Aquablu One or Pro in combination with an existing carbonating a cooling installation?

Thanks to our modular design, we are able to place both purifiers in front of any existing “cooling and carbonating” installations. If questions should arise the customer should be able to contact the dealer first if not possible they can call Aquablu HQ for the technical requirements, as both satisfy different quantity demands. However, it is the responsibility of dealers to help customers with their questions, if they shoud arise. 


1.13 What is the effect of the water temperature on a TDS reading?

The conductivity of the ions in water depends upon the temperature. Although there are various factors that cause this effect, the major reason comes from the fact that ions move around faster as they get warmer. The moment when the same number of ions are starting to move faster, the apparent conductivity increases. As tap and other natural waters have many different ions in them, conductivity systems sometimes respond nonlinearly with temperature changes. For this reason, we have built-in a conductivity meter that simultaneously measures the temperature of the water.


1.14 What is acceptable drinking water quality?

The accepted levels of drinking water vary for each location. We would recommend treating your tap water when it has a level of 400 PPM (or higher), when there is a slight risk of lead contamination (old homes) or when you live in an area with agricultural or heavy industry. When you decide to use any other fresh water source, we always strongly advice to purify your water.

1.15 Are Aquablu purifiers able to produce Alkaline water?

Yes our Aquablu purifiers are able to produce Alkaline water. After the filtration process, vital minerals are added to the water, which makes the water Alkaline.


1.16 Where can I download the App?

Our App can be downloaded in both the IOS (App store) and Google Play store. 

To download the App in the IOS store, please click here

To download the App in the Google play store, please click here


1.17 Can you also purify hot water?

To assure the production of outstanding drinking water quality, we have limited our systems to raw water with a temprature of 40 degrees Celsius. In countries that experience feed in water temperatures of 40 degrees or higher, we are able to raise its resistance upon special request.


1.18 I would like to bottle my own drinking water. Is that possible?

Yes. We are able to provide systems that range from under sink units, to industrial sized purifiers. With the use of our mineral cartridges, you can bottle your own (branded) “Alkaline” drinking water.