About Us

The Company

Aquablu, a company founded with one mission: provide safe drinking water solutions for everyone, everywhere! Located between the tulips in Voorhout (The Netherlands), Aquablu has used it’s inherited Dutch water expertise to built a purification line of unmatched quality. Pioneering in innovation, we are here to shake up the water treatment industry! Backed by the Dutch Stokvis Group, Aquablu is quickly expanding its territory. Let us tell you how!

Smart Quality Control

We give people control over their drinking water. Guarded by our unique “Smart Quality Control” system, Aquablu allows it’s users to check both the drinking water quality and technical status of their system, using the Aquablu App. Based on 96 parameters, the system will always ensure that only safe and healthy drinking water leaves the system.


Compared to traditional Reverse Osmosis systems, Aquablu purifiers lose on average 60% less water during the purification process, while able to remove even the smallest contaminants from the water (antibiotics/microplastics/chemicals/etc.). By offering safe and healthy drinking water, we are the direct replacement for all those plastic bottles!

Compactness & Quality

All systems are completely designed and manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands. This allows us to guarantee that only the highest quality materials are used. Thanks to the compactness of the system, the chance of leakage is minimized while making it a perfect system in places where space is limited.