Soft Shield Mini

Article code AB1105002
The Soft Shield Mini is the most compact de-scaling solution on the market. No salt, no electricity and no wastewater used. The Soft Shield Mini has a rate of 4 l/m.
Dimensions 35 x 10.8 cm
flow rate 4 litre/minute
Pressure 2-6 bar
Max temprature 35 °C
connections 3/8 BSP or Push Fit

The Soft Shield Mini comes as a set, including a mounting bracket. A 10" housing and a crystal cartridge. The Soft Shield line is embedded with our patented crystallization technique that neutralises the calcium and magnesium minerals, rather than removing them completely from the water. Although the minerals are still present, they don’t stick to the surface anymore. Our crystallization technology is so powerful that it even removes the scale already present in your pipes.